21 February 2016

One eye sees, the other Feels

Painting by the Jamaican/German artist, Barbara Matthews von Enger, who is internationally known as Barbara von Enger. Year 2013. Title of the painting is:'I am Jamaican, uptown, downtown, man, woman, mother, father. I am an immigrant, multifarious me.'

Notes from Barbara von Enger below
'I have been attacked for having thoughts/ideas which certain members of the public cannot bear to hear. You see. I am a Jamaican artist with a social and anti-social imagination, which rarely behaves as it ought to. So, don't blame me for my imagination - I was born with an unruly internal editor, just like Bob Marley.' - Words by Jamaican artist/painter Barbara Matthews von Enger.

Photo credit: Wolfgang G├╝nzel

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