3 March 2015

Art from the Ivory Coast

African mask, early 20th century. Wood and metal. Geography, Guinea Coast, Ivory Coast.
Barbara von Enger wears a daily mask, and around her world a mask is continually being formed. When she is not creating masks herself, you can find her at a museum viewing art.

27 February 2015

Pre dinner notes...

Image of the week.
Notes before dinner from Barbara von Engers atelier.

22 February 2015

Art can mean many things.....

Art can mean many things said the painter Barbara von Enger at her recent exhibition in Paris.
There is art as an expression of the human condition, there is art that is the function of life expressed by the gifts of man in the interpretation of the totality of life's experience.... Then there is art for arts sake.
Image of Barbara von Enger during Paris fashion week by Boston journal. Quote by Barbara von Enger.