24 July 2014

Lunch with Julie

Red wine, French fries, Paris, and a happy friend.
Barbara tells us: The only serious thing worth bringing to the table is a good appetite. Another reason why we all adore Barbara von Enger. She always has a fresh view on life, which tends to make one think, and re-think.

23 July 2014

A spot for art, Barbara's atelier...

We called round at Barbara von Enger's atelier last Wednesday, and what a treat it was too.
Barbara, we thank you for the scrumptious luncheon, your divine company and most especially for having invited us to view your art.
Our camera-man managed to take a handful of photographs from the painter's studio to share with you all, and to close a few words from Barbara below.

Luxury is taking time to celebrate the beautiful and the sublime.
Today I'm luxuriating in love, warmth, sun and solitude. Hope you enjoy the pretty fancies below.
Have a sweet day, my lovelies

12 July 2014

The artist Barbara von Enger arriving at Dior

The painter Barbara von Enger arriving at the DIOR haute couture show in Paris recently. We adore this couture kaftan Barbara is wearing in the photograph, like a queen of an African nation. Photo credit: David of the Nyanzi Report. We leave you with a quote from Barbara von Enger: A well made couture dress can be compared to a beautifully crafted jewel. It must be without flaws whilst enhancing the beauty of the Woman.