31 March 2015


We asked the painter Barbara von Enger to send in an inspirational word for us this week. Here's what she shared with us:
"Master all rules so that one can break them like an artist."

28 March 2015

The painter Barbara von ENGER

Don't you just love photography? It captures a moment in time which cannot be reproduced as in the photo below.
We especially love the painter Barbara von Enger in this image as she is both demure and introspective.
What did Barbara von Enger's mother say? The more a picture reveals, the less you know about the subject.
Photo credit: The photograph was taken by German photographer Lena J├╝rgensen Lena photographs for the major German magazines.

26 March 2015

Arlene a musi dream yu deh DREAM

Let me play you "Arlene", by General Echo, a seven-inch 45 on the Techniques label, produced by Winston Riley, a number one hit in Jamaica in the autumn of 1979.