20 February 2016

A note from Barbara von Enger for Marc Jacobs

Culture and history changes, but we have to preserve the existing culture before we begin to cultivate new ones, and we cannot rise to new orders if the Caucasians continue to abuse our culture through cultural theft.

I seriously think one ought to be prosecuted for performing cultural theft. Shame on you, Marc Jacobs, do you not know the history of the Bantu Knots, ah, you thought you could get away with this? If you are going to borrow something from another culture you must always credit said culture, otherwise its seen as an abuse of culture.

At Marc Jacobs show, his models wore Bantu Knots and re-named them mini buns. Mr Jacobs, I take it you are already familiar with the history of the Bantu Knots, are you not? African women have been wearing Bantu knots since ancient times, it dates as far back as the Zulu tribes. Please stop abusing the African/Black/West Indian culture. Nuff said. Image credit: Rihanna Fenty.

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