26 February 2016

Art Daily

My creativity is very elastic.
It has a bubble-gum quality - chewable, but not digestible.
Art critics are surprised at how diverse my creativity is.
You see. What they fail to realise is this: Chewable, not digestible.

I am Jamaican, very graphic, out of many one.
Am asking myself how do they expect my art not to be out of many one diverse people? You might mock me, tear me down, but you can never take away my dignity, my creativity.
I have the very graphic, uncurtained nerve of Jamaica in my gut. Chewable, not digestible. You cannot get rid of me. I am the undead.

Words and drawing by the German/Jamaican Artist Barbara Matthews von Enger, who is internationally known as Barbara von Enger.
Title of drawing: 'Lil Wayne and his bitch at new year's cook-up'. Artist: Barbara von Enger

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