13 November 2012

Ode to the Ballerina

Painting: Balletscape by Belgian artist Bert Prins.
As many of you know Barbara von Enger is trained in ballet, but haven't been dancing in over a year due to an injury.

Are you familiar with the term residual foot problems? It's the most common complaint of the ballerina. This post is dedicated to the lovely Barbara who is currently undergoing pain management for her ballet dancer's feet.

A ballet dancer is a swan
Without the beak or feathers
A ballet dancer is the seasons
Without a change in weather
A ballet dancer is a portrait
With a difference to this art
The picture captures feeling
The dancer embraces heart
- Mary O. Fumento, 1981


  1. I did not know that Barbara is a ballet dancer...but I am not surprised in the least! She is so amazing in so many ways.
    I hope she is able to control the pain and heal from her injuries soon.

  2. aw you are sweet. hope she heals quickly

  3. Def didn't know Barbara was a ballerina. I took ballet as a kid and frequently complained of foot pain so I quit.

  4. Beautiful. My love goes to Barbara. Feel better, my love, my beautiful ballerina.

  5. Barbara knows how to dance her way trough life - no matter what, and i'm sure she'll be fine soon!

  6. I wish Barbara a good recovery and hope that the pain is not only in control, but will dance away as well!

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  7. Such beautiful prose..and beautiful image..wishing Barbara healing and bliss!

  8. Dear Barbara, How nice to have had you for a visit again! Ballet... aah and ooh, the word so sweet. I miss it, too. In the meantime, I zumba;)