20 August 2012

All too Human

Life has been exceedingly busy with short trips to Berlin and Jamaica for the celebration of Jamaica's 50th anniversary. Whilst in Jamaica we saw the exhibition '50 Years - Then and Now' by Alexander Cooper ( See above image ).

We shant go on and on about the above picture. Our suggestion is to see and feel. Friedrich Nietzsche once said: The more the eyes and ears are capable of thought, the more they reach that boundary line where they become asensual.


  1. Missed you. SO happy you got to go to Jamaica. Perhaps we'll see pictures one day?

  2. This Nietzche's quote very is stimulating (§ this fact is far be to surprising I can't help BUT add)! Like an enlightened invite to let our senses develop their own language*, as a kind of spontaneous, not too rational § cerebral, brilliance / caress...
    * § this colorful symphony is more than appealing Here !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Wonderful!!

    50 years!! That is not so long ago.....

  4. Very expressive painting, reminds me of the famous "Brücke" group here in germany. The turquoise resonates within me - have a fable for that color right now.