13 September 2015

Cultural Theft, History, Art and Humanities

Culture and history changes, but we have to preserve the existing culture before we begin to cultivate new ones, and we cannot rise to new orders if the Europeans continue to abuse our culture through cultural theft. I seriously think one ought to be prosecuted for performing cultural theft.

Take this observation: When I, Barbara von Enger, paint my reality on canvas, the Germans label it as "Ethnic", but when a German artist paints a black girl on canvas they call it "high art". People, how does this encourage love amongst the races? When one race thinks its art is superior? What they fail to realise is the civilisations of the African pre-dates all European pretentions of superiority.


  1. This is true and sickening to the core.

    i was wondering the other day why, non whites are termed 'immigrants' and white people 'expats'.

  2. I share your opinion, Yasumi, I was indeed thinking the same in conversation with a friend recently. Non-whites are `immigrants' and all others are viewed as 'expats' - this is huighly ridiculous indeed. Change is upon us!