11 May 2015

In on the Nude

Nude. Let's have a microscopic look at Nude. Unclothed, stretching into bare, leaning upon nudus, jumping over nakedness. Therein lies the etymology of the word. Here's an observation on nudity and sexuality: Europeans are obsessed with the male genital organ and the mystique of the female nude, and the male, too. The greeks and the romans in particular.. They were told by Sigmund Freud that sex is the basis for primal motivation... Africa, on the other hand, does not see nudity as the primal motivation for existence, rather, nudity is natural in the african cosmology, that is why you see women with breasts exposed. We see nudity as a natural condition of the human experience. Painting by Marie-Clementine-Valadon, words by Jamaican painter Barbara von Enger.

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