13 February 2013

I had a little tea party

 I'm so in love with this tea service; the vibrant shade of yellow, the playful drawings and the happy mood they represent.

The weather was so delightful today - winter sun is so precious after weeks of bitter cold from a grey sky. This afternoon we invited a handful of close friends round for poetry reading, piano music and tea. 

 It's truly wonderful to spend time with sweet friends. Lack of friendship makes one gloomy. Celebrate the day with those you love.


  1. So adorable!!!! My goodness, I can imagine this darling set on my balcony.

  2. I agree Barbara, there's nothing like a home filled with friends and tea!

  3. Ooh that tea set is GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

  4. gorgeous, love tea sets :) One does need friends, they bring sunshine on gloomy days x