17 January 2013

The feet of dancers shine with mirth

Image by Alastair Muir: Dancers: Cira Robinson and Jazmon Voss.

The Swan by Stephen Spender.
The trumpets were curled away, the drum beat no more,
Only the Swan, the Swan, danced in my brain:
All night she spun; dropped, lifted again,
Arched and curved her arms; sunk on the frore
Snow-brittle feathers skirting her; reclined on hands
Buckling her waist, where the moon glanced.
How small her waist was, and the feet that danced!.

Sometimes she bent back, and a breeze fanned
Her hair that touched the ground, and, shown
Between her Swan’s legs, feather and white down.

Life is alive again, my lovelies. Barbara von Enger is dancing again!
This post is dedicated to Barbara who is now fully recoverd from a dancing injury, and is currently back on stage!


  1. Hi there! How lovely to hear Barbara is fully recovered, thanks for sharing this lovely poem and picture too! x

  2. Wow!
    She looks like a wonderful swan.
    Thanks for visting my blog.
    Your visits make my days sweeter.
    Take me To Tarah

  3. Wow, so happy to hear that! Dancing is always good - to the music of live! Happy weekend gorgeous!

  4. Oh, how wonderful! I'm so thrilled for Barbara and that images is divine! xx

  5. "Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire".

    I wonder what George Bernhard Shaw had in mind?


  6. I was so glad to hear Barbara is back on stage! Wish you all the best. The poem is really beautiful.