18 November 2012

Pum Pum Tun Up

Leasho Johnson- Pum Pum Tun up East & West. Johnson is a Jamaican-based artist and graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica.

Deborah Anzinger - fellow artist and writer gives a brief summary of Johnson's work and its influence on modern Jamaican culture: Leasho Johnson’s work accesses points in Jamaican culture where the seemingly contradictory collide; where male aggression, unabashed sexuality and devout Christianity coexist freely.

His installation consists of four equally sized paintings on canvas of predominantly male subjects outfitted with microphones and crucifixes. Dotted in between these paintings are miniature sculptures resembling primitive caricatures of mostly women in lascivious poses. Women appear in a couple of the paintings but they never take center stage, they are present as accessories.

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