1 November 2012

She's all hats!

Image of Barbara von Enger by Fred of Easy Fashion.
We all know that Barbara has a fondness for hats - from the wonderfully creative to the outrageously colourful and playful. I asked Barbara over coffee last week in Paris why is she so mad about hats/turbans and her answer was:

"It's historical. For Caribbean women ornamentation has always played a great role in fashion culture; elaborate headwraps, bespoke turbans and hats, sparkling jewellery, luminous colours and so forth.

During my childhood I always saw mama and grandma swanning around the estate wearing hand-made turbans like queens and goddesses of African nations.

The adornment of one's head with a turban or hat has nothing to do with being 'trendy'. It's a playful way to punctuate the silhouette, and it's also an expression of who I am. My culture, heritage and upbringing".


  1. Hats and turbans always look great on Barbara, they bring out her face and just fit with every style. Love that leo one here too!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love this post so much. I love when you wear head pieces. It's just stunning.

  3. Beautiful and striking as always. Love the jewellery - such a beautiful piece. x

  4. I agree and have always worn and adored hats. Beautiful photo Barbara.

  5. she wears it so well! hope you have a great weekend!

    Glass of Fashion

  6. Barbara is such a beauty and I love her style.

  7. I think hats are fantastic! I'm excited to get out my fall and winter ones!
    Chic on the Cheap